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    Choose the Best Mechanic in Norwalk

    Top 5 questions you should ask when choosing a mechanic

    Every driver knows the day will come when it is time to see a mechanic. It could be for a check engine light, a weird noise, or something just does not feel right about your car, and you have decided to take action. So, if you are looking for a mechanic in Norwalk, then ask these five questions to make sure you are getting the best service for your money.


    At Top Line Automotive, we pride ourselves on being the BEST mechanic in Norwalk and we encourage you to ask these questions because we want you to get the best service and value.


    1) Will the Mechanic Actually Show Me the Problem?

    Most mechanics are reputable and stand by their work. However, not every mechanic in Norwalk will take the time to show you – visually – what is wrong with your car. By asking this question you can gain peace of mind that the right problem has been diagnosed and that you are not being literally “taken for ride.” We take great care in diagnosing the problem and are happy to show you visually what we found.


    2) What Will Happen if I Ignore This Problem?

    Whether it’s a check engine light or weird noise, the first step after diagnosing the problem is discuss options. At Top Line Automotive we promise to help you understand what fixes are urgent versus which fixes could be held off. But some fixes are urgent and important, like failing brakes, and should be addressed immediately. For this reason, we offer financing to accommodate any budget.


    3) Necessary, Preventative, What’s the Difference?

    As a top mechanic in Norwalk, our philosophy is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Firstly, we will always discuss preventative maintenance recommendations that we believe will save you money in the long run. Preventative maintenance is important but not always urgent, so if you come in for a repair that is necessary and urgent, we are always happy to reschedule you for a follow-up visit to address any preventative maintenance.


    4) Can I See the Broken Part?

    Going through an auto repair can be stressful, but one thing that can relieve the stress is to actually see the defective part that caused the problem. When we complete a job, we are more than happy to actually show you the culprit. It can provide a sense of relief to see the actual part that was cracked, chipped, corroded, or broken in some form.


    5) Will You Explain to Me How You’re Going to Fix the Problem?

    Some of our customers are familiar with cars and how they work and others are not.  But do not worry if you are not exactly a top mechanic yourself! By having this conversation with our customers and walking them through our process, we start to build a relationship.